Cardiovascular care in lockdown

Lockdown 2.0 has provided quite a few challenges to the care of cardiovascular patients

BetterConsult COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out

With Phase 1B of the COVID-19 vaccination program underway, GP practices across the country are looking for automated, cost-free solutions

COVID ‘bump’ on the way?

While COVID has disrupted many regular seasonal trends, we've taken a look at procedure search trends across the Top 12 procedures searched

Macquarie Neurosurgery Webinar – CSF Disorders and Brain Tumours

Recently, HealthShare partnered with Macquarie Neurosurgery to host a webinar for GPs focused on the latest advancements in the treatment


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BetterConsult gains traction in the US

This year, BetterConsult was selected to be a part of the TMC (Texas Medical Centre) Accelerator program at one of the USA’s largest medical

BetterConsult is here to help optimise your consultations

We're very excited to announce the launch of our time-saving pre-consultation tool, BetterConsult.

Patients speak out about costs and healthcare

We spoke to people on the street to find out how they feel about healthcare costs and other influencing factors when it comes to finding a h

The importance of cost transparency in healthcare

We spoke to the CEO of PHA, Dr Rachel David, about the relationship between cost and quality of healthcare and its importance in ensuring a

Easing of elective surgery restrictions sees 126% increase in PHI filter selection by GPs and Patients

With the initial easing of elective surgery restrictions and so many Australians being financially impacted since the introduction of COVID-

Healthcare Providers increasingly leverage digital capability

Of all Australian Google searches, a phenomenal one in 20 are health-related. However, only 6% of the population recorded they were able to

How AI will improve clinical trials

Due to its many tangible benefits, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already prevalent throughout the healthcare ecosystem. The same machine l

What information helps patients decide to take part in a clinical trial?

Few patients set out with the intention of participating in a clinical trial. Yet HealthShare successfully enrols patients in clinical tria

Where will artificial intelligence take medicine?

Guest article, by Dr Ron Granot. For quite some time, I’ve been reading a variety of eye-catching headlines about the impact of Artificial

Feature Release: Procedure-level out-of-pocket cost data now available to patients and GPs

HealthShare has developed the next iteration of fee transparency on our Find-a-Provider platform. For patients and GPs seeking a Specialist,

Interview: What GPs look for in Specialist Directories

We sat down with Arun Mathai, GP Engagement Lead at HealthShare to discuss what GPs value most about Specialist Directories within their

GPs share challenges faced in consultations

Increasingly GPs are feeling as though they get to spend less time with their patients. We asked GPs about the changing nature of

HealthShare introduces ‘Featured Specialists’ to network of 4,500+ GPs

Next month, HealthShare will introduce a monthly series of 'Featured Specialist' pieces inside our GP email newsletters. Circulated to a 4,5

1.7 million calls to health care practitioners in 12 months

While some Doctors may imagine that new patient and GP enquiries mainly come from Google or word of mouth, in the last 12 months, more than

HealthShare Practitioner Ratings added to Google searches

HealthShare practitioner ratings now appear at the top of Google when patients are searching for practitioners. Displayed on the right hand

Factors that influence the GP referral pathway: interview with Dr. Jill Gamberg

We sat down with HealthShare Medical Director and Bondi-based GP Dr. Jill Gamberg to discuss factors that influence the GP referral pathway.

How NFPs can transform awareness campaigns into action

While many NFPs successfully shift public sentiment and increase dialogue around particular health-related causes, very few consumers believ

MedicalDirector to integrate HealthShare referrals directory into Helix

Leading medical software and information provider MedicalDirector has announced a partnership with digital health company and accredited par

HealthShare ranks for 4th consecutive year in Deloitte Tecnology Fast 500™

HealthShare has ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ for Asia Pacific for the fourth consecutive year. The program celebrates innovat

Increasing engagement with

Innovative digital health solutions are transforming the healthcare industry and the way in which healthcare is both delivered and experienc