Effective and easily accessible patient education

A collection of high quality condition and treatment handouts that are seamlessly integrated with your consultation software, making access and distribution simple. 

  • Enhance patient understanding
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Increase consultation efficiency
  • Simple distribution

Search and select from a comprehensive database

  • Search
    Enter free text to search, and relevant fact sheets are triggered by auto prompting during your consultation workflow.
  • Browse
    Take a look at the vast selection of product and condition FactSheets from a variety of credible sources, including government, not-for-profits and healthcare practitioners.
  • Select
    Choose the most helpful FactSheet and ‘favourite’, email or print it out to annotate with your patients in their consultation.

Enhance patient understanding

Sharing concise, up-to-date information can support a deeper level of understanding which will continue to resonate after your patients have left your practice.

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